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四川快乐12选码技巧:Australian Chart Summary

Monday - Latest

浙江快乐12历史开奖 www.8gzji.cn A monsoon trough and lows are generating gusty winds an heavy showers and thunderstorms across the northern tropics, mainly near the low over the Gulf of Carpentaria. A trough is maintaining heat over much of the interior and causing patchy rain and storms in NSW, VIC and SA.

Tuesday 22:00 EDT

A monsoon trough and low pressure system over northern Australia could generate heavy rain, winds and storms over north QLD and the Top End. Another trough in the west may trigger storms. Onshore winds may cause showers along the east coast. Clearer elsewhere under a high.

Wednesday 22:00 EDT

A monsoon trough over northern Australia could generate rain and thunderstorms. More troughs over the western interior and western NSW should produce storms. Onshore winds may trigger showers along the eastern seaboard. Generally clear skies elsewhere under a high.

Thursday 22:00 EDT

A monsoon trough should result in heavy rains and thunderstorms for northern QLD and the Top End. A trough extending into the eastern states should pull very warm air across the region. Troughs and onshore winds may cause showers over WA and NSW.

Friday 22:00 EDT

A pair of troughs over northern Australia may trigger heavy rains and thunderstorms for northern QLD and the Top End. Another pair of troughs in the west and east may produce storms and showers, with the latter drawing hot air over the southeast of the country.

Saturday 22:00 EDT

Troughs over northern Australia will generate areas of heavy rain and thunderstorms for northern QLD and WA, and the Top End. Another trough across the interior should draw heat across QLD, NSW and eastern VIC. Onshore winds may bring showers to the south coast.

Sunday 22:00 EDT

A broad region of low pressure and troughs will cause areas of rain and thunderstorms over the NT and parts of WA. Moist onshore winds around a low will cause showers over Northeast and eastern QLD. A trough may trigger a few showers and storms over the southeast.

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Queenslanders in state's far north urged to factor tropical cyclone threat into New Year's Day plans

13:22 EDT

The new year may bring a tropical cyclone to Far North Queensland, with locals encouraged to plan ahead for the possibility of a destructive storm.

Mon Repos trial aims to boost turtle hatchling survival rates, combat heatwaves with 'artificial rain'

18:42 EDT

They are more commonly associated with parks and lawns, but sprinklers are now also lining a beach in south-east Queensland in a world-first trial to keep turtle nests cool and reduce heat-related deaths of the animals.

2018 likely to be Sydney's fifth hottest year on record

15:57 EDT

Using the combined running average maximum and minimum temperature, 2018 is expected to be Sydney's 5th hottest on record.

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