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浙江快乐彩走势图今天:Weather Brief - Speak to a Meteorologist

浙江快乐12历史开奖 www.8gzji.cn Weatherbrief is a premium telephone service that anybody can call to speak to a professional meteorologist. If you need accurate and timely weather advice, you can call 190 222 9569 (calls are charged at $5.50 per minute inc. GST, Higher rates apply from payphones and mobiles, Service Provider: IDS) and ask a meteorologist any weather related questions, receiving weather information in a level of detail not available in standard forecasts.

Builders & Construction Workers

Builders & Construction Workers

If you are undertaking a renovation or construction project, the weather plays a critical role in a lot of your decision making. Concerete pouring, roof replacements, crane work and excavations all require an accurate forecast, often with advance notice. Weatherbrief provides you with an easy and efficient way to plan ahead.



Knowing the right time to sow your seeds or spray your crops is now easy, call Weatherbrief and have a meteorologist give you an accurate rain or wind forecast.

Photographers & Filmographers

Photographers & Filmographers

As a photographer, your business is dependent on what the weather is doing. The difference between cloud or sunshine, rain or snow can make or break that crucial shot. Weatherbrief can help you save money by providing weather forecasts that allow you to determine whether a production or shoot should go ahead or be postponed to a better time.



Planning that weekend getaway to the snow? Upcoming fishing trip? Make sure you head out on the right day at the right time. Call Weatherbrief now!



Sporting and event management is highly dependent on the weather. Out on the water, sailors seeking a competitive edge can get in touch with a Weatherbrief meteorologist before a race. On the ground, be informed and avoid "washouts", by speaking to a Weatherbrief meteorologist before the event.

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Weather News

Arnhem Land community awaits housing rebuild three years after Cyclone Lam destruction

06:42 EST

More than three years after category 4 Cyclone Lam smashed into the Arnhem Land community of Galiwin'ku, some residents are still waiting for their homes to be rebuilt.

Wintry weather continues in WA

15:36 EST

A strong cold front may cause severe weather and flooding in parts of Western Australia during the next 24 hours.

NSW Government says entire state in drought, new DPI figures reveal full extent of big dry

15:03 EST

The NSW Government says "100 per cent" of the state is now in drought.

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