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Saturday August 4, 2018

Chilly day in WA

13:25 EST
After a strong cold front moved through overnight, southern parts of Western Australia are feeling winters sting.
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Canberra welcomes the warmth and rain

13:01 EST
Warm and windy conditions ended the working week, with finally some good falls for the ACT.
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North Burnett farmers push Queensland government to solve looming water crisis

ABC image 09:39 EST
Farmers in Queensland's North Burnett are calling on the State Government to step in to prevent a water crisis that threatens to wipe out an entire town.
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Friday August 3, 2018

How planting trees and grasses can help stabilise farmland in a changing climate

ABC licensed image 14:20 EST
As parts of the country face the , tree species that can assist in water and soil management have a renewed purpose.
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Snow storms heading for Australia's alps

14:04 EST
A series of snow-bearing cold fronts could push Australia's natural snow base towards two metres by the end of next week.
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Rain returns amid favourable Southern Annular Mode

11:03 EST
A flurry of cold fronts will sweep across southern Australia during the next week, causing multiple bouts of rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds and snow.
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Struggling farming family feels the dry spell a€” and wants others to speak up

ABC image 06:37 EST
Tim Paschke's property Calpara in South Australia's Riverland has had just two inches of rainfall for the entire year.
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North Queensland hay growers can't meet demand as prices triple and would-be buyers call from interstate

ABC image 06:27 EST
North Queensland growers say they cannot keep up with the demand for hay, having received calls from farmers thousands of kilometres away looking for feed to keep their stock alive.
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Thursday August 2, 2018

'Tell your bank to take a running jump' Agriculture Minister tells farmers

ABC image 19:09 EST
Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has singled out the Commonwealth Bank for not doing enough to help drought-stricken farmers.
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Dust storms, gale-force winds stir up dusty Eyre Peninsula paddocks

ABC image 18:27 EST
Winds greater than 100 kilometres an hour have lashed South Australia, stirring up dust from the state's dry paddocks.
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Perth weather: Snow falls at Bluff Knoll as cold front knocks out power to WA homes

ABC image 16:51 EST
The tail end of yesterday's strong cold front ripped through much of Western Australia overnight and delivered damaging winds and widespread hail, as well as snow to one of the state's highest peaks.
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Dust storms stretching 250 kilometres hit SA's Eyre Peninsula after driest July in 19 years

Audience submitted image 16:48 EST
Dust storms have descended on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, causing skies to darken, with one farmer describing the wild weather as a "disaster" for his crops.
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Dryness increasing in eastern Australia

16:11 EST
Australia's driest July in 16 years has caused rainfall deficiencies to increase across a large area of eastern Australia.
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Record-challenging in southern Europe

09:58 EST
Another heat record may be broken in the northern hemisphere this week as temperatures soar in southern Europe.
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Finland heatwave forces reindeer to cool off with sunbathers at the beach

ABC image 08:53 EST
As beachgoers in Finland's north sought relief from sweltering temperatures with a dip in the river, they noticed three reindeer doing exactly the same thing.
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Manilla school students balance farm chores with studies as drought bites

ABC image 07:47 EST
It's 8am and the children on the school bus range in age from five four through to 17.
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Aboriginal map of Lake Eyre Basin, an area twice the size of France, released after 12 years in the making

ABC image 07:00 EST
An Aboriginal map detailing significant cultural information has been released for the Lake Eyre Basin, which spans 1.2 million square kilometres across inland Australia a€” almost one-sixth of the country.
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Hottest July on record for much of Queensland prompts warnings of more to come

ABC image 06:46 EST
With parts of Queensland recording their hottest July temperatures on record, one of Australia's leading climatologists has issued a dire warning about what lies ahead on the weather radar.
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Farmers suffer as drought and over-harvesting sees goat numbers plummet

ABC image 06:44 EST
Feral goat numbers in the Far West region of New South Wales have dropped dramatically on the back of a continuing drought and intensive goat harvesting.
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Wednesday August 1, 2018

Death Valley's record hot month

13:53 EST
California's Death Valley may have just experienced the hottest calendar month on record anywhere in the world.
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Severe weather lashing WA

10:31 EST
A strong cold front is causing severe weather in Western Australia today, prompting alerts for dangerous wind, damaging surf and flooding.
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Drought relief: The dos and don'ts of helping Australian farmers and rural communities with donations

ABC image 09:15 EST
As the severity of the drought starts to hit home with the wider Australian population, more people are asking, "What can I do to help?" There are links to a selection of drought charities at the end of this article, but here are a few things to consider.
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Dresses for the drought: Sisters start movement to donate formal dresses to affected teenagers

ABC licensed image 06:41 EST
For many, their choice of formal dress is something they will remember for the rest of their lives a€” whether they regret it in hindsight or not.
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Tuesday July 31, 2018

From the drought to the dancefloor: The kids of the big dry

ABC image 22:18 EST
Before dawn, 13-year-old Ruby Scott is already behind the wheel, performing a delicate operation.
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Army on standby to deliver stock supplies to drought-ravaged farms

ABC image 21:39 EST
Soldiers could soon be deployed to , as the crisis worsens across New South Wales, Queensland and parts of Victoria.
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Winter athletes launch campaign to help save snowfall in the face of climate change

ABC image 15:50 EST
A group of winter athletes from around the world are working together to encourage Australian snow resorts and skiers to help fight climate change.
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Magpie swooping season begins early on the Gold Coast with posties, pedestrians and cyclists in their sights

ABC image 15:41 EST
July is not normally the time of year when magpies swoop on unsuspecting cyclists but it's already happening on the Gold Coast.
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WA weather: Perth set for rain, hail as cold front brings chance of snow over Bluff Knoll

ABC image 15:16 EST
Gusty showers, hail and even snow are on the cards midweek as a strong cold front sweeps through Western Australia, bringing chilly temperatures to the south of the state.
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Sydney's record warm July

14:33 EST
A number of heat-related records were broken in Sydney this month as the city experienced September-like days during the middle of winter.
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Drought through the eyes of a 16-year-old

13:59 EST
When the rain stopped, 16-year-old Zara King began to document the destruction of her family's sheep and cattle farm in rural New South Wales.
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Monday July 30, 2018

Laos dam collapse survivors warned of unexploded bombs dislodged during floods

ABC image 20:11 EST
As if survivors of last week's dam collapse in southern Laos don't have enough to deal with, rescue authorities are warning of another serious danger in the wake of the ensuing flood.
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NSW Government announces extra $500m in drought assistance for struggling farmers

ABC image 17:02 EST
The New South Wales Government's drought assistance has tipped over $1 billion, after a fresh cash injection for struggling farmers the Premier says have faced an "unforgivably dry winter".
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The big dry: 'See us, hear us, help us'

15:52 EST
#subtitle Farmers across New South Wales and Queensland are calling it the worst drought in living memory.
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The hot and cold of drought in NSW

14:36 EST
Some parts of drought-stricken NSW are having both their coldest and warmest July in more than 20 years, when considering maximum and minimum temperatures separately.
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Sea fog shrouds SA on Saturday

12:13 EST
Parts of South Australia were blanketed by a rare type of fog on the weekend, turning a sunny day grey in a matter of minutes.
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Sunday July 29, 2018

BOM weather: The top questions asked of Bureau of Meteorology forecasters

ABC licensed image 11:04 EST
It only takes a cursory look at social media to see that Australians love a good weather event a€” be it heatwave, cold snap, cyclone or bushfire a€” social media goes into meltdown over the weather.
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Showers dampen parts of Sydney

09:52 EST
A low pressure trough brought some light showers to parts of the Sydney Basin in what has been a very dry month for large parts of New South Wales, including Sydney.
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Drought-hit farmers urged to apply for government assistance payment

ABC image 00:17 EST
Up to 15,000 farmers who are eligible for a Federal Government drought assistance payment have not applied for it, according to new figures.
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Saturday July 28, 2018

Brief relief for the UK

14:57 EST
After weeks of baking in 30 degree heat in some areas, the UK is getting some much needed relief.
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Windy days ahead for southern Australia

12:25 EST
Damaging winds gusting over 100km/h are expected to develop over southern Australia on Sunday with plenty more wind to come during the week.
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Friday July 27, 2018

Land clearing laws are 'statutory theft' says latest NSW Farmers chief, claiming 'rights were stolen'

ABC image 14:49 EST
The new president of the NSW Farmers association has fired a warning at the State Government over land clearing issues, labelling its laws "statutory theft".
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UK heatwave: MCC permits Lord's members to dress down for cricket as Brits swelter in the heat

13:30 EST
If any further proof were needed that the English are truly struggling with the hot weather they have been experiencing in the last few weeks, it has arrived in the form of an unprecedented move at the home of cricket.
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Don't miss the lunar eclipse this weekend

10:40 EST
The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will occur this weekend across Australia, painting the moon red during the early hours of Saturday morning.
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NSW MPs break ranks over drought assistance for farmers

ABC image 08:59 EST
Two senior NSW National Party members have broken ranks on the State Government's repeated opposition to subsidies for drought-ravaged farmers.
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Plea for bullets to put down drought-affected stock as RSPCA reminds farmers to stick to protocols

ABC image 08:57 EST
The harsh reality of drought continues to be felt across New South Wales, with some farmers claiming a shortage of bullets to euthanase emaciated stock.
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Thursday July 26, 2018

Thai cave doctor trained divers how to administer dangerous sedative to kids

ABC image 18:41 EST
The Australian doctor involved in the Thai cave rescue has revealed that he taught divers how to administer dangerous anaesthetic drugs so they could sedate the Wild Boar team mid-rescue.
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Dry and warm weather set to continue

15:57 EST
Most of Australia is likely to experience a relatively dry and warm run into spring, according to the latest seasonal outlook issued by the Bureau of Meteorology on Thursday.
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Late-July snow season update

13:28 EST
Australia's snow season appears to be tracking along rather nicely, with four consecutive weeks of net snow gain and more decent falls on the horizon.
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Wednesday July 25, 2018

NSW farmers desperately seeking feed from all over Australia as the drought deepens

ABC image 16:35 EST
Many farmers in Australia are desperately searching for feed to keep precious livestock alive as the drought deepens.
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Weather News

Chilly day in WA

13:25 EST

After a strong cold front moved through overnight, southern parts of Western Australia are feeling winters sting.

Canberra welcomes the warmth and rain

13:01 EST

Warm and windy conditions ended the working week, with finally some good falls for the ACT.

North Burnett farmers push Queensland government to solve looming water crisis

09:39 EST

Farmers in Queensland's North Burnett are calling on the State Government to step in to prevent a water crisis that threatens to wipe out an entire town.

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